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Norman Rockwell plate measures 8 1/2 diameter in excellent condition. plate number 17937J of the only limited edition of the Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter by Norman Rockwell. Made in a limited edition permanently closed in 1979 by Knowles and certified as a True Rockwell Classic by the Rockwell Society of America. This plate has a seal stamped on the back of plate. Bradex Number is 84-70-33
9 collector plate Three Little Kitten by K. Duncan limited edition plate no. J 1296 made of fine porcelain 1991 Franklin Mint Heirloom collection
2 Mary Moo plates - 7 1/2 diameter - Pasture Bedtime from the Home is Where The Herd Is by Mary Rhyner-Nadig #4221B - 1995 --- other is You're My Sweetie Pie from the same collection #1665A 1995
Cherry Blossom Commemorative Plate - 1998 - 16th Annual by Butler Brown - excellent condition. Have original box
Approximate size 9 x 5.5, never opened. Number 15448 out of 75,000.
Approximate size 25 x 32. Good condition
Approximate size 19 x 5.5, bones connected with metal.
Approximate size 25 x 32. Good condition
Good condition, pet/smoke free.
23 UnOpened Packs.
15 UnOpened Packs.
28 UnOpened Packs.
24 Packs.
15 UnOpened + 15 Opened.
22 UnOpened Packs.
16 Unopened Packs.
Various UnOpened + Bonus.
34 UnOpened Packs.
18 UnOpened + 18 Opened.
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