Pick Out your Favorite, then Give the Rest to your Kids. Perfect Opportunity to Bond with your Kids while Making Crafts. Creativity is a Gift that needs Encouragement to Grow. :)
White House & Congress Playing Cards. (Sealed) RARE Double Set. Check Out eBay.
Enlarge Photos for Up Close Appreciation.
Marlboro (Sealed)
8 Pack of 16oz Glass Bottle Pepsi. Most Consecutive Wins 10, 67.
Shaquille O Neal Jason Kidd Anfernee Hardaway Barry Bonds Emmitt Smith 8x10 Photo On Plaque. Only $20 each. Most have Clear Wrapping (Partially Torn).
Never Worn. Radio Talk Host Phil Valentine came to the Galleria Cinema for a special showing of his Documentary An Inconsistent Truth . I enjoyed the Documentary and Chatting with him while getting his autograph.
Brand New/Never Worn. Look these up on eBay using the Filter and Selecting Sold. Great Resell/Profit Potential.
10W x 14H. Notice small Chips in Paint under Legends. With exception to that and various other scratches...Very Good Condition.
Game Used: Frank Thomas, Tommy John, Catfish Hunter, Greg Maddox, Phil Niekro, Dave Winfield, Walker/Helton, Jose Reyes, Brian Griese Autographs: Bob Feller & Alonzo Mourning 91 & 92 Elite Series: Howard Larkin Under $3 each. You could have these Nice Cards, or spend $5 Pack for 10 Packs and not get Any. Enlarge Photos for Up Close Appreciation.
Enlarge Photos for Up Close Appreciation. Cards of course are EXPIRED.
Michael Jordan 1790/10,000
Enlarge Photos for Up Close Appreciation.
All 3 Autographs Pictured.
8x10 Portraits #1-35 Great Collection. Big Buck$ spent to Build this, but yours for only a Buck each! :)
ALL Pictured... What a Deal/Steal. :)
C3 Classic Collectors Club. All items pictured. T-Shirt never worn, but shows some browning from age/storage.
2 Great Old Time Braves and Alex Limited Edition Z-Team Portrait.
All 8 Pictured 8x10s... WOW!
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